Al’s love of Cape Cod began in the 1950’s fishing with his Dad Bert. After a spell in the inspiring restaurant business of the 1980’s the tide turned and Al was swept up in the innovation of the food revolution. He gave up his city life and moved back

After much trial and error selecting seed, planting densities and timing Al discovered a distinctive formula for the Ocean-in-a-shell flavor that reminded him of his childhood in Osterville.

Dave Ryan has been at the helm since 1993 maintaining CCOC’s commitment to our community our employees and the environment. Our business is built on trust and extraordinary oysters. Our care for our customers is second only to our care for the environment. Cape Cod Oyster Company is green all the way through our nursery, processing and delivery.

Al’s oysters are meaty and tender with a subtle cucumber finish. They score high in salinity and sweetness. Consistently producing the high quality oysters requires a long term commitment to the people and the waters. Cape Cod Oysters begin their days feeding in the nutrient rich waters of North Bay. From there they are hand grown from seedling to harvest in the premier merrior of Barnstable Harbor, protected by a barrier beach and eight thousand acres of forest, dune and marshland. The strong ebb and flow of ocean tides twice a day supply’s the diet rich in minerality and salinity that give them their unique taste. Cape Cod Oysters are meaty and tender balanced by a mellow finish.

“When you taste an oyster you taste the water it was grown in”.