Our People


Al Surprenant – Founder & President


Dave Ryan – Director of Operations

Dave Ryan is Director of Operations for Cape Cod Oyster Company, and a Marine Biologist by training. He discovered and fell in love with the oyster business when he first graduated from college. Working in the oyster hatchery at A.R.C. with early industry innovators like Dick Krause, Sue Talin, and Gene Petrovitz, he realized it was the right business for him. “ It was a way of life, not just a job”.  Dave is as enthusiastic about what he does at 55 years old as he was at 20.


Andrew Marshall – Director of Sales & Marketing

Andrew Marshall is Cape Cod Oyster’s Director of Sales & Marketing . Andrew has 15 years experience in the seafood industry working alongside many of the country’s top distributors.  Andrew’s focus is on partnering with key customers across the country while lending them sales and marketing support. This partnership involves working with them on the road to visit their end-user accounts and supporting their sales programs through outreach.

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s Coastal Management and Policy program.  Andrew also works with  New England based commercial fisheries on policy issues related to management of local stocks.  When not driving our farmers crazy with huge orders and juggling customer requirements, he spends his free time taking his boys tuna fishing.



John Quiterio – Farmer

John is one of 11 children who came to the United States in 1986 from the Azores while knowing no English. John and his brother Paul were some of Cape Cod Oysters earliest employees along with Dave Ryan. 

John started as a jerkraker for littlenecks during our early clam business and has since worked in all aspects of the business. It’s often said that every oyster at some point moves through his hands. John is a walking encyclopedia of the tides and marshes of Barnstable Harbor and helps trains new employees on the proper way (John’s way!) to care for and sort oysters.  

John is forever indebted to Al and Dave for giving him his start in the oyster business.  


Dale Gorman – Farmer

Dale has been a member of the Cape Cod Oyster team since 2015.  His daily duties include harvesting, culling and packing oysters. Dale has recently taken the lead in our seed development program, a critical project relating to the future growth of our crop. Dale is known for his positive attitude and dedication to quality control. Dale is a graduate of New England College with a degree Biological science with a specialty in marine environments.   In his spare time he enjoys golf and fishing.


Ian Kerwin – Farmer


Luke Cadrin – Farmer


Conor McInerney – Farmer