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Stewardship of Our Cape Cod Community


For more than 30 years, Cape Cod Oyster has established itself as a leader in sustainability and traceability. As one of the largest oyster growers in New England, we are committed to providing our customers a consistent oyster supply that is traceable and sourced from well-managed hatcheries, responsibly produced and harvested. 

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Cape Cod Oyster sources locally when possible, which is demonstrative of our support and commitment to our Cape Cod community. Working with regional oyster farms allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses.

Why Sustainability is Important
The demand for oysters has exponentially increased over the last two decades while the global supply has remained flat. As such, it is essential to eat sustainable oysters to relieve the pressure on overfished hatcheries and to ensure we can enjoy them in the future. The oyster is a natural filter-feeder that helps to improve water quality and provides food and habitat to other animals. However, when oysters are over-harvested, it can result in disease and habitat loss leading to a major population shortage. At Cape Cod Oyster, we work to manage harvests and restore reefs with hatchery-raised seed to compensate for any losses.

Our work on Nitrogen Mitigation in Three Bays
Over the past century, industrialization and urban development have replaced forested lands. This has adversely affected our water quality, as the amount of nutrients and sediment entering our rivers and streams surged. Before roads and homes were built, most nutrients were absorbed by forest and wetland plants. As these were removed to accommodate the increasing human population, the nutrient pollution in our waters amplified. These nutrients are harmful to oysters and other shellfish, and poor water quality increases their susceptibility to disease.

Our Support of the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition
Stainability goes beyond the seafood we source, which is why Cape Cod Oyster works in partnership with the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition to restore and preserve clean water on Cape Cod. This is also part of our commitment to our Cape Cod community at large. We care about our water and people, and we support local fishermen and small business. Excess nitrogen from local septic systems has caused the growth of algae blooms, which create low-oxygen waters that hurt the development of oyster larvae and other shellfish. By reducing our own carbon footprint with fewer delivery trucks and the use of solar panels for free energy, we are helping to keep our waters clean. In 2018, Cape Cod Oyster Company completed a 52-kilowatt Solar Array, one of many sustainability initiatives.

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