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Waquoit Bay Falmouth

Waquoit Bay Falmouth

Waquoit Bay Falmouth, MA.

Nestled in loose, fine sand and bathed by the channel’s shallow, fertile waters, Washburn Island Oysters enjoy optimal salinity and temperatures for fast growth, elegant cupping and premium taste.

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About Waquoit Bay

Located between the finger of Seapit Peninsula in East Falmouth, Cape Cod and the pine-shaded bluffs of Washburn Island, which is part of a state park in Waquoit Bay, our 22.8-acre oyster farm is ideally suited for aquaculture.

Fed by nutrient-laden, fresh water from the Moonakis and Little Rivers and the salt water tides from Vineyard Sound, Seapit River creates the perfect chemistry for growing succulent, hearty oysters.

Waquoit Bay Falmouth

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Waquoit Bay Falmouth

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