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Raw Bars

Raw Bars Raw Bars

Enjoy our new Raw Bar offering

Raw Bars


Our Story

Growing up on Cape Cod, Matt has been on the water his whole life. Watching and helping his father on the family farm gave him a passion for aquaculture second only to bringing oysters to the masses.   

In 2020 with down time due to the covid-19 pandemic in an effort to keep busy, Matt started doing raw bars for friends and family and other small gatherings. Our goal is to bring that same love and attention to everyone from oyster lovers to someone new to shellfish.


Our Offerings

We cater to events large and small and are happy to accommodate any special requests. We will personally work with you to plan a raw bar that will be the highlight of your party.

Our Shuckers are all oysters Farmers with years of experience on our farms. In addition to providing delicious oysters, you will get unique insight of the journey your oysters took to get to your plate. We are highly passionate about local aquaculture and are happy to answer any and all questions.


Raw bar Pricing

All events are charged a $500 minimum, this includes:

  • Set up & clean up
  • Shucker
  • Table, raw bar/boat & Ice
  • Cocktail sauce & lemons
  • Cocktail napkins
  • 150 oysters 



Classic mignonette 
Shallots, cracked pepper, champagne vinegar

Green Goddess
Our take on a chilled-out Rockefeller

Jalapeno Lime Sorbet
Think spicy margarita 

Lemon burst mignonette
Effervescent lemon pips   

Raw Bar Inquiry

Get in touch to inquire about using our new "Raw Bar" service.

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