Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall

Vice President of Sales

Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is Cape Cod Oyster’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Andrew began working with Cape Cod Oyster in 2005 while working at Aquanor Marketing. After a brief stint in the squid business, Andrew returned to Cape Cod Oyster to focus on our in-house brands in 2017. Andrew has over 15 years experience in the seafood industry working alongside many of the country’s top distributors, restaurant chains and supermarkets. Andrew’s focus is on partnering with key customers across the country while lending them sales and marketing support. This partnership involves working with them on the road to visit their end-user accounts and supporting their sales programs through outreach.

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s, Coastal Management and Policy program.  Andrew also works with New England based commercial fisheries on policy issues related to management of local fish stocks. His passion outside of oysters is bluefin tuna and you can find him somewhere offshore tuna "wishing" for most of the summer and fall.

Fun Fact:

Andrew finished his first marathon during the height of the covid lockdown and now has sight set on finishing an Ironman.

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